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Stuck eye cap/infected eye?
hog baby
violet_foxx wrote in snakecommunity
There's something going on with my pinesnake's eye, but I'm not exactly sure what. :(

Is it just a stuck eye cap or does this look like something a vet needs to look at?

Edit: Called some local vets and they told me the nearest reptile specialists are a 3.5 hour drive away. I made him hang out in a shoe box with a warm damp towel for about an hour and his eye looks SO much better. I think it was several stuck eye caps. I'm going to keep watching him and if it doesn't keep improving, I'll call some more vets and see what they think.

Not near as swollen or cloudy. :)

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I'm not 100% certain but it kind of looks infected. I'd maybe have a vet take a look at that.

How long ago was the last shed? Is there anything in the tank that might poke the snake?

Have you tried putting the snake in a higher-humidity environment, or giving it some damp/wet cloths to rub against? If it's a stuck eyecap, that should help loosen it. (Please don't try the scotch tape trick, it's too easy to overdo that and hurt the eye.)

That discolored spot on the bottom does look a bit strange to me, but it's hard to tell from the photos. It may be worth a trip to the vet, if just to ease your mind. Even if it does turn out to just be an oddly-colored stuck eyecap, they should be able to help get it off.

I'm not sure. I haven't had him for very long and he hasn't shed since I've had him. He's eaten three times, though.

I edited the entry with updated pics. I put him in a shoe box with a warm damp towel for a bit and he looks a lot better now. I think it was just several stuck eye caps on top of each other.

It does look better. Definitely keep a close eye (lol) on him though.

Vet. Antibiotics. That looks like an infection developed under a stuck eye cap. I'd love to give you a link to help find a reptile vet in your area, but every farking time I post something with a link, it gets marked as spam, so I can't do the easy thing. The site is reptilevetsnearyou dot com.

Got the link in my email and it couldn't find any vets near me. I'll start calling around when I get off work, though.

This sucks. I haven't even had this snake for a month. :(

I got in contact with a vet and he said the nearest reptile specialist is a good 3.5 hour drive from where I'm at. So I stuck him in a shoe box with a warm damp towel and left him in 'the sauna' for about an hour and he looks SO much better! His eye isn't near as swollen or cloudy anymore. I think it was just several stuck eye caps. He hasn't shed since I've had him yet, but I'll def be soaking him since he seems to be prone to stuck eye caps.

So hard to get pics of him, but here he is now.

Wow! That's a hell of a lot better. Glad a humid hide did the trick. You might keep one in there with him until his next shed if you're concerned that he hasn't shed out properly before. Just stick the top on a plastic shoe box and cut a hole in the side, then replace the wet towel daily.

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