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Photos needed for officer education project.
Bootless Bear
neumeindil wrote in snakecommunity
Hi everybody. Been quiet here lately, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

My fiancee and I are consulting on a project for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to make a guide for law enforcement officers inspecting reptile collections and dealing with nuisance animals. In NY, permits are required for giants like Anacondas and Reticulated Pythons, but a surprising number of people can't tell potentially dangerous snake from a harmless one. (As I type, a man somewhere in NY is going through a custody hearing because his ex-wife reported his ball python as a cobra. I wish I was making this up.)

I'm writing to ask if anyone in the community would allow us to use images of your animals (with full credit to you of course) to illustrate what Should and Should Not be confiscated.

In New York, keeping of Anacondas, Burmese Pythons, Indian Pythons, African and Natal Rock Pythons, Reticulated Pythons and all reptiles that are venomous by nature is restricted to permit holders only. There are some species of monitor lizard on the list as well, but I'm only asking about snakes here.

If anyone would like to share photos of your animals for a "guessing game" ID exercise, we would deeply appreciate the help. The idea is to use photos of both restricted and unrestricted species to give officers some examples of known snakes with which to practice their newly-acquired herpetology skills. However, our collection is heavy toward colubrids, and then rare stuff like scrub pythons and an Egyptian Flowered Racer.

We would like to include, besides the constrictors mentioned above:

Ball Python morphs
Tree Pythons and Tree Boas
Anything "weird" or otherwise not often seen by the public (beauty snakes, cat snakes, rubber boas, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

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Awesome Rainbow! Thanks so much. :)

Sure. :) Normals are welcome too. Thanks for letting us borrow your pics.

Here's my Honduran Milk Snake (tangerine):

Oooh, pretty. :) Thanks!

I have a lot of random snake photos, including quite a few of Charlie, my desert king snake. The one-eyed albino Burmese python might be the most exotic, but there are also boas and pythons and corn snakes, etc. Let me know if any will be useful.

Very cool. :) You weren't lying about a bunch of Charlie pics! I'll credit you if we use any. Thanks for the loan.

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