Would it be safe to feed my snake a rat that has tumors near its armpits? The rat is old and barely eats or walks around.

raised scales
While I had my boa out this morning, I noticed something a little strange. He has these lines of scales that are kind of lifted along his body in a uniform fashion. They all have about the same about of space between them. I've never seen or heard of anything like this before.

Should I be worried?
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Also, this seems like a crazy good deal:
But how exactly would I heat them? I've always used lamps, but obviously I can't with those. Would heat pads be okay? Or would I need use some heat tape? I'd rather not use heat tape as I don't have any experience with it.. I'd use a thermostat with all heating elements, of course.

Frozen rodent sources
Charlie & SarahHey, folks! I explored the community tags, and it looks as though it's been years since there's been a discussion about mail-order sources of frozen rats. Google reveals several sources, including RodentPro, Layne Labs, Loxahatchee, Big Apple Herp, and Shadow Rat... and I'm wondering if anyone would care to share any pros or cons.

Last time the topic came up here, it looks as though Big Cheese Rodent Factory was popular. Are they still a good choice? Is RodentPro?

Thanks! And, for your entertainment, a shot of Charlie with her original owner, Sarah.

Somewhere under the Rainbow
Here's my (nearly) eight year old girl, Pip.  She just shed a week ago, so she's in full splendor.

(no subject)
18ft Reticulated Python being rehomed in Western Maryland.

This isn't my snake, but I thought I should post it here so a more experienced snake owner might adopt it, instead of the normal Craigslist users..

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hog baby
2010 male hog island boa

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Looking to Foster
my name is Ellie, I am interested in fostering a snake for a year. I
have not ever had my own snake, but I have watched my neighbor's and I
would really like one of my own, but I am going to college next year, so
I cannot handle the long term responsibility right now. I am a very
responsible pet owner and I would be very good at watching your pet. I
live in Northern California. Please let me know if you or anyone you
know is interested or has any questions.

New fella!
phillipe chew
I got my second (and last) snake yesterday at NARBC in Anaheim. I had been on the lookout for an anery Kenyan sand boa or a Cal king. As there were scant few Kenyan sand boas in general (only about three that I saw) and no anerys, that was out. Then I found this little guy and it was pretty much a done deal.

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I'm enjoying the increased activity level, he's a bit different from my ball python, and it's interesting to have the contrast of Colubrid and python. A sand boa wouldn't have really provided me the contrast, cute as they are. I really enjoyed the show, herp shows are always such a feast for the eyes in so many ways. I could easily have spent Way Too Much on everything, especially the books I found. Old manual on field herping from the California Academy of Sciences? Yes please! I think that's it for my snake acquisition for awhile, however.

Freaking out a little - swallowed substrate?
I just fed my ball python, and I think that she may have eaten some of her substrate.

Her cage is lined with newspaper and there's shredded pieces of it in her hides and here and there around it so that she has something to sort of burrow in. Anyway, I gave her her rat, and turned off the cage light, as she tends to eat best when she's left alone. A couple minutes later I peek in to check on her, and I see a bit of the newspaper peeking out the corner of her mouth.

I pulled out as much as I could, but only got maybe a cm of it - the end was damp and ragged, so I know that she got some.

I honestly thought that the paper was so large it wouldn't cause a problem - the entire reason I changed it was because I was scared she'd swallow her shredded coconut husks. The bits of paper are about 1cm wide by 7 or 8 long.

I'm so worried, and I feel like a terrible pet owner. Could this hurt her? I have tomorrow off, so I can take her to the vet, but I don't know if the doctor with snake experience will be in...

Thank you.

Getting a new baby ball python
So I put down the money today on a male baby Bumblebee Ball Python.. I should have him paid off in three weeks and then I'll post pictures! He was bred by a friend of mine and he's letting me have him for $450 as long as I give him a deal later on a baby (Killerbee) from breeding him to my Pastel Jungle. I'm so excited! Now I got to come up with a great name for him.. Something that goes along with my female (Kleopatra Selene)...

So I hope this works.. This is the picture I took of him when I got to hold him to make sure I wanted him:


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