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Two new snakes
blue wolf
I went to the Las Vegas Reptile Expo for my birthday and I thought I'd show off the presents I came home with!

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Photos needed for officer education project.
Bootless Bear
Hi everybody. Been quiet here lately, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

My fiancee and I are consulting on a project for the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to make a guide for law enforcement officers inspecting reptile collections and dealing with nuisance animals. In NY, permits are required for giants like Anacondas and Reticulated Pythons, but a surprising number of people can't tell potentially dangerous snake from a harmless one. (As I type, a man somewhere in NY is going through a custody hearing because his ex-wife reported his ball python as a cobra. I wish I was making this up.)

I'm writing to ask if anyone in the community would allow us to use images of your animals (with full credit to you of course) to illustrate what Should and Should Not be confiscated.

In New York, keeping of Anacondas, Burmese Pythons, Indian Pythons, African and Natal Rock Pythons, Reticulated Pythons and all reptiles that are venomous by nature is restricted to permit holders only. There are some species of monitor lizard on the list as well, but I'm only asking about snakes here.

If anyone would like to share photos of your animals for a "guessing game" ID exercise, we would deeply appreciate the help. The idea is to use photos of both restricted and unrestricted species to give officers some examples of known snakes with which to practice their newly-acquired herpetology skills. However, our collection is heavy toward colubrids, and then rare stuff like scrub pythons and an Egyptian Flowered Racer.

We would like to include, besides the constrictors mentioned above:

Ball Python morphs
Tree Pythons and Tree Boas
Anything "weird" or otherwise not often seen by the public (beauty snakes, cat snakes, rubber boas, etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Bad sheds = bad husbandry? Help!
sex bed
Hi. I know I could google this question easily (and I have), but I'd like to hear from you in real time. I'm a fairly new snake owner with a ball python who has bad sheds. I thought I was doing everything right. Could you give me some personal experiences that tell a story about you having this problem and then fixing it for the long term? What did you improve on in that fixed the issue? When I say bad sheds.. I mean she sheds in very incomplete clumps and I know that's not right. I want to take better care of my baby.

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone here have experience breeding rats? I hope so! I am having real difficulties trying to get any of my rats to breed. My oldest sister had rats breeding out the wazoo for years but none of mine will breed. I tried two adult (one male/ one female of course) feeder rats that were at least two months old and kept them together for about two months before the male died (he was sick looking when we first got him but we thought he had just fallen in his water dish).  The female died a few weeks later by seizing (She died practically in my hands. It was super sad for me :(   ) Now I have two hand raised rats that are pet quality that are about five maybe six weeks old and I am waiting for them to breed. They might be too young but really some rats are breeding by six weeks. I am not in a big rush but I am running out of frozen feeders and since I have been trying to breed rats for five months and I haven't been getting anything, I am a little peeved. Also, I have thought about breeding gerbils but I only own two boas so I would be feeding lots of gerbils at one time. Plus, I have thought about bunnies but bunnies smell worse than rats and are really too cute to feed lol.

Any ideas why none of these rats have bred?

BTW for anyone who read my last post about a slightly aggressive BRB, she is doing much better. I am still not handling her every day but she has gotten a lot better at not trying to bite me, just looking at me like I'm food. She has had some good handling sessions and let me take her out of her feeding tub last night without trying to bite me. (I'm using a snake hook to first pick her up and then put her in my hands because I think it makes us both more comfortable)

Cypress Mulch "Blend"
hog baby
So I was at Home Depot yesterday looking to get a bag of cypress mulch to use as bedding, but I noticed all the bags say "cypress blend", and then I saw this on kingsnake:

"The cypress available at most local hard ware, home improvement, and garden center store, has changed. It now has the word BLEND on the bag. After lots of phone calls it has come to my attention that the "blend" is with cedar. The change was made to keep out the bugs in the garden, but is harmful to our reptiles."

Is this true? Has anybody had any problems with cypress blend? It'd be so much cheaper to just buy a bag from Home Depot instead of say, Zoo Med Forest Floor or Repti Bark. But of course, I don't want to endanger my animals.


I didn't buy a bag. I have never used any type of cypress mulch(not even Zoo Med) with any of my reptiles before. I use aspen and newspaper.

Snappy Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Hey guys! I have posted here before but I am always looking for new tips! I rescued a BRB on July 30th. She was in horrible conditions: no heat at all, bad previous shed, no humidity (I live in CO so she had a constant 30% for who knows how long). She had been abandoned and had not been fed for atleast two weeks. On the up side, she seemed very nice, quiet, and calm. I gave her a decent meal and a 80+ humidity and two heat sources as soon as I took her home. She has all of a sudden become seriously snappy. She tagged my shoulder (yes she just slithered up my arm and attacked the back of my shoulder??!!) and  she continues to be in strike position and snaps at me every time I try to move her, touch her, feed her, etc. I admit I am a jumpy person and I think she feeds off my fear. When she jumps, I jump back as well (horrible habit I know!!) I am trying to handle her 20 minutes each day and I DO feed her outside of her tank. I am just wondering if she might grow out of this attitude because I do not know her age. She is about 5ft and I am not really a "yea lets keep a mean snake" kind of person. Do you guys have any suggestions to calm her back down (it was suggested as soon as she was feeling better that she decided she had enough energy to be scared of me) or to make her behave a little better? I understand BRB's are not as calm as any RTB but I had high hopes that I could provide a great forever home for her. Just for reference she is not my first. I owned a Corn snake and I currently own a RTB.

Here's a pic just to get a good visual of her! Just fyi, this behave has just been for the last week. I do not know what I have been doing differently!

Brazilian rainbow boa
Hi, snakecommunity. I've been keeping snakes for about five years and recently bought a baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa. I've wanted one for a long time and researched before making the purchase.

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Because there is always something you can do to improve, I wanted to ask if there are any BRB keepers here and if so, what tips you might have beyond the usual care sheet information that have proven useful to you. I was curious, do they tend to respond better to tease feeding (dangling f/t prey in front of them to entice a feeding strike) or by putting the prey in the cage and leaving? And what kind of climbing space do you offer? Do you see them using it? I've heard varying info on feeding - some say these snakes can get obese easily and should be allowed to grow slowly, but others suggest feeding babies as often as every four days. What's worked for you?

And because this would not be complete without a photo, here's my new addition. In less than a week I've really been impressed with this species and am very glad I got her. She'll be in an increasingly larger series of tubs until she's big enough to warrant an adult-sized 4'x2' boa cage. I snapped a quick photo just before putting her in her setup.

Stuck eye cap/infected eye?
hog baby
There's something going on with my pinesnake's eye, but I'm not exactly sure what. :(

Is it just a stuck eye cap or does this look like something a vet needs to look at?

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Edit: Called some local vets and they told me the nearest reptile specialists are a 3.5 hour drive away. I made him hang out in a shoe box with a warm damp towel for about an hour and his eye looks SO much better. I think it was several stuck eye caps. I'm going to keep watching him and if it doesn't keep improving, I'll call some more vets and see what they think.

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Floating nebulous glowy thing!
Thought some of you might enjoy this! :}

Check out this beautiful snake cake, made for a little girl's birthday party. Wish my mom was that talented!

Would it be safe to feed my snake a rat that has tumors near its armpits? The rat is old and barely eats or walks around.