Gemma (teacupdiaries) wrote in snakecommunity,

Corn snake available in CT

I was just contacted by a fellow greyhound fosterer in CT who is looking to place a male corn snake. She knows mokele and I are reptile enthusiasts so came to us first but we really have no room for anything that needs more than a 10 gallon at this point in time.

I don't have a picture but I might be able to get one. The snake in question is 7 years old and described to me as "red, white, and orange" so is possibly a normal phase, maybe something fancier. He has spent his life at a child care facility so I assume is friendly but new state regulations has forced them to rehome him.

He comes with a 55 gallon tank, stand, and accessories.

If you're in CT, RI, or MA and would like this boy, please let me know! Comment here, or email me at gemma.astley(at)


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