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snakecommunity's Journal

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the snake community
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Welcome to the Snake Community!


-Before asking for help here, please try to do all the reading up you can about your particular herp. On the community page, there are links to many different resources, and pretty soon we're hoping to add a FAQ section and caresheets to the memories.

-Try to give us as many details as possible, if you're asking for help or advice. If your entry starts getting rather long, lj-cut it (read this FAQ for what an Lj-cut is and how to use it).

-Please spellcheck your entry before posting. This is just common courtesy as webspeak and improper grammar grates on our nerves, and we're likely to skip over your entry if we can't read it. This may go for others as well, but we don't presume to speak for them.

-If you're posting pictures of your herps, wonderful! If the images are large, or there are more than 3 of them, LJ-cut them. Some people are stuck with dial-up, and frying their computer is not nice.

-When commenting on an entry, please be polite. We doubt anyone posts here looking to get yelled at. If you are excessively rude, or start drama, you get one warning. After that, you're banned.

-If you're having issues with another member of the community, please come to either of us first. our e-mail addresses and IM screennames are listed in the memories, and in our personal user info. Give us a chance to do the right thing before going over our heads to the LJ Abuse team. They are busy people, and if we can handle your problem, we will.

-Deleting comments/posts or disabling comments is a bannable offense. This is an open forum and if you don't like what someone has to say, deal with it.

-Feeding live prey has become a major hot button issue in communities lately, as such the following post has been made: live vs. f/t links. Please refer to it before make a post asking for info on feeding, or posting pictures of it. Also, please utilize the tags on feeding.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Maintainers,
thatsnakegirl & eviltera


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